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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Angelologist?

Angelology is the historical study of angels, and an Angelologist is someone who has studied the history of angels in depth. They are considered an expert on the topic of angels.

What do Angelologists do? Is this a career profession?

Most Angelologists incorporate their knowledge about angels into their writing and teaching work. It is a knowledge set which you can blend into your other spiritual work personally and professionally.

What are the benefits of taking the Angelologist course?

This course will help to deepen your knowledge about angels, and their connection to human history.

Is this course Biblically correct and suitable for Christians or those who care about following the Bible?

Yes, the portions of the course that focus upon the Judeo-Christian history of the angels are Biblically correct and suitable for Christians. This is not a new age course, although we will explore the angelic work of some secular authors and mystical texts.

What is the difference between the Angelologist course and the Angel Intuitive course?

The Angelologist course is purely the study of angels throughout history, including multi-culturally and various religions. The Angel Intuitive course is a hands-on practice workshop for healing and connecting with guardian angels and archangels.

When does the course begin?

You will have access to your first lesson on April 4, 2017 Hawaiian time.

How often will I receive lessons?

New lessons will be available the first week of every month, for 12 months.

How will I access my lessons?

Your new lessons will be available in your account at Angelologist.com

Is there a test or quiz?

Yes, after you complete each lesson, you will take an online quiz on Angelologist.com. At the end of your 12 lessons, you will take a comprehensive online test covering all of the material. If you’ve watched all of the videos, you will easily pass these tests. After you complete all of the quizzes, you will be awarded your certificate as a Certified Angelologist.

Can I begin the course any time?

Yes, this is an open ended course and students can begin taking the course at any time throughout each year.

Do I need to have a partner to help me with the lessons?

No, as these lessons do not require any homework involving another person.

Do I need to buy any books for the lessons?

There are no books requirements, but there will be suggestions for books that you would want to read for further learning.

Can I take the lessons at my own schedule?


What are the technology requirements to watch the course?

You can watch the course on any device that allows you to watch online videos. We recommend that you have a fast internet speed and the latest software upgrade for your device.

Should I plan on taking notes while watching?

Yes. Doreen feels that taking your own notes deepens the learning process.

Are refunds offered?

Refunds are offered before you start the course. Once you start watching the course, refunds cannot be processed for any reason.

Can I make payments on the course tuition? Do you offer a payment plan?

You can make payments through PayPal or you can use a credit card to pay through PayPal.

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